Some random facts about me

Starting with the least obvious facts:

I swoon over Adam Levine’s voice, Miranda Kerr’s beauty, Lilly Singh’s positivity and Harvey Specter’s quips (and beards).

I feel I have the ability to be your best girl friend, best guy friend, dad and mom as and when required.

I like to believe I’m peachy and preachy at the same time.

I love my baby sister more than a gigaparsec.

I feel, its been a life long curse, of having so much to say but being unable to say it.

I have high levels of trust issues.

I basically start dancing on any song with a remotely catchy beat.

I have low tolerance to dumbness and lack of perseverance.

I’m a sucker at initiating a conversation.

I am a Leo, and I’m still deciding if I believe in Zodiac Signs.

I have a girl crush on Abigail Spencer. *dies*

I clean when I’m anxious.

I’m an engineering student.

I judge people on the basis of their footwear.

The best advice I’ve received so far, was from my father, and it is, “If you believe you’re right, fight for it. Even if it means to fight the world”.

I am a huge iiSuperWomanii Fan. Yep, a huge unicorn.

I over-analyse situations in life until I get a concrete meaning out of it.

I don’t like to keep people waiting.

I don’t have the patience to sit through movies.

I appreciate honesty and have immense respect for people who believe the same.

I have an amazing Work Ethic with everything EXCEPT Sleeping.

I’ve had an unpublished blog, since forever.

I thrive on compliments ( Just Kidding 😛 )

My writing varies from subjects that are extremely funny to that that are emotionally sensitive and intense.

I am a huge pogonophile, *like you didn’t know that already*

I’ve tried writing the first post almost 50 times and have never been able to come up with anything substantial *sighs*

Alright, enough about me, how’ve you been? :))


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