Shit we say that NEEDS to stop

Life is boring

Only boring people get bored. This life offers you so many options, chances, opportunities, that you never get the luxury to be free enough to be bored.

Take being busy in what you like to do, love to talk about, and passionate to work on, as a blessing in your life.

Do it. Get off your ass, already. Activate your brain cells, it’s only when you leave them idle, that you have the audacity to say you’re bored. Work for instant gratification and you’ll see the change.

I’m not good enough

The only reason why you believe you’re not good enough is because you say that you aren’t good enough. Thing is, beautiful, important and desirous things won’t and shan’t come to us if we’re too busy believing that we’re not good enough for it.

It’s a lifelong excuse we believe in and hold on to!

Deciding that you’re not worthy, without even thinking of attempting something, is plain stupidity.

Deciding that you’re not worthy in general is sabotaging yourself. If you can believe in Santa Claus your whole life, it shouldn’t be too hard to truly believe in your own self this one time.

I missed that one chance

Great things are only gonna come once in a life time. Dumb.

Give that shit to people who depend on luck.

It’s only over when you give up.

You could have been in a certain path in your life and been more successful if you would have done that xyz task, 10 years ago.

But if you have the balls and the fire in you, it’s never too late a moment.

The fact that you have air in your lungs, eyes to read this blog, ears to hear the birds chirp, it is more than enough reason to work on what you’ve been wanting and dreaming to achieve.

I wish life was easier

Easy life is for SUCKERS. What’s the fun in Easy? Challenges are simulating.

Easy life, has no struggles, no goals, no growth and no learning.

Appreciate the struggles because, you don’t know it yet, but they are the ones that are going to prepare you for the amazing person that you’re going to become.

I don’t have enough time

You got 24 hours in a day, just like everyone else. Granted, we all have obligations we can’t exactly get out of, things that aren’t really in our control.

But at the end of the day, you do decide how to spend those 24 hours that were given to you.

Spend it wisely. And spend it on and with things and people who matter.

How you spend your days is how you spend your life.

I am never understood by anyone

Don’t make a mistake by confusing the fact that people understand you with people who agree with you.

They might understand your stand, yet they’re always allowed to have an opinion.

Don’t keep continuously painting yourself as this, misunderstood alien on this planet, that nobody will ever get, because it doesn’t and never will do you any favours.

We’re all social beings and we wanna connect with other people. Don’t cause yourself damage by thinking you are too different and isolate yourself from people. It’s important to realise that the thoughts we have in our heads, will determine the kind of lives we lead.

We need to keep repainting the strokes in our head and realise how important it is to believe in oneself.

Know that you are Capable. You are worth it. You are strong. You can handle this and you’ll survive. You are good enough. You are not a product to be judged by a closed-minded buffoon, who cannot appreciate the amazing person you are.

Be YOU. Because you’re wonderful that way.  


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