Applauding your bravery

You are royalty. The hardships of life may have hypnotised you into forgetfulness of your greatness. The pain of your dreams gone bad may have shuttered your passion and smothered your conviction. You’ve lost it all. Or rather, you’ve given it all up. But it was all done by choice. You’ve done it because you […]

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A reflection

I stood in front of her. I stared right into her eyes. As if I was desperately looking for something. I noticed how less she blinked. I noticed those scars and those chapped lips. I observed how those auburn tresses, that used to be slicked back in a pony, were now tangled, dry and wild.  […]

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Don’t you mention it

When your mother mentions my name on the dining table just to know what I’ve been up to, or when you’re restless and awake every night as insomnia grasps your being, don’t mention it. When she asks you about me, take her out for a date, tell her that you love her. She’s not searching for […]

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