StoryJumping – Part 23 #DigiWriMo

……. “Yeah,” said George as he turned to look westward, out to the blue ocean, “and Here Comes the Sun.”

The air filled with light palpable, light like honey on the tongue, light like a swarm of bees dancing lightly on the skin, light like the hum of countless creatures stirring beyond the hill, light so overpowering that all else fades to unblinking white.

“We are here,” a voice whispered.


They came in a yellow submarine, no matter how much you try, you could absolutely not ignore Sarah’s beaming face.

She became this little girl, and even though I was at a distant, I couldn’t but notice her knees shivering when Lennon came close to her and stood there.

Maha almost kept her hand behind Sarah, in case she would faint and fall. Kevin, although, was busy analysing the situation from a corner. Lennon noticed him, and gleefully smiled.

It was as if he was the master of the maps and was delighted to see Kevin trying to bring all the pieces together. He asked Kevin, ” You’ve been through a long and winding road, How are you doing, buddy?”, Kevin was so lost in his thoughts, it took him so long to register what Lennon had said.

He felt the map in his hand and showed it to Lennon. This unreasonable trust in Lennon, was beyond anyone’s comprehension.

Glancing at those crumpled pieces of the paper, that grin on his face was undeniable.

That’s when George said, “Come on guys, let’s all sit, while Lennon explains everything “.

They all sat on the beach, desparately wanting to know, what it was that was in store next.

And then he began….






This is part 23 of a story jumper for Digital Writing Month. You can read the other parts here:

9 thoughts on “StoryJumping – Part 23 #DigiWriMo

      1. Instant Karma’s gonna get you
        Gonna knock you right on the head
        You better get yourself together
        Pretty soon you’re gonna be dead
        What in the world you thinking of
        Laughing in the face of love
        What on earth you tryin’ to do
        It’s up to you, yeah you
        Instant Karma’s gonna get you
        Gonna look you right in the face
        Better get yourself together darlin’
        Join the human race
        How in the world you gonna see
        Laughin’ at fools like me
        Who in the hell d’you think you are
        A super star
        Well, right you are
        Well we all shine on
        Like the moon and the stars and the sun
        Well we all shine on
        Ev’ryone come on

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  1. The suspense is still in the air!

    Is the yellow submarine empty? Or is something else still in there?
    Will our travelers now go on by submarine? Can the submarine fly?

    Lots of questions that may be answered in the next episode of Story Jumpers.

    Stay tuned!

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