Applauding your bravery

You are royalty.

The hardships of life may have hypnotised you into forgetfulness of your greatness.

The pain of your dreams gone bad may have shuttered your passion and smothered your conviction.

You’ve lost it all. Or rather, you’ve given it all up. But it was all done by choice. You’ve done it because you couldn’t afford losing yourself, so you lost everything else instead. I’m proud of you for doing that.

I’m proud of you for doing what you did, because when I see people crushed beneath the weight of jealous critics and everything that doesn’t let them flourish anymore, all in the name of righteousness or logic, I know you made the right choice.

When you look back in time and see all that you’ve been through, I hope you have a triumphant smile on your face. And when you immediately try to wipe that tear rolling down your face, I know you’ll be proud too.

Remember that you are loved, and that there is nothing fucking wrong with you. One day you’ll forget where those empty spaces, that you have dwell in, are, as they’ll be filled with luscious springs. Rejoice in its destructions and dance around the fire that you have to set to it. Let all those who have undermined you, hear your laugh and they will know that all their efforts to break you were in vein.

When sadness gets too much for you to handle, let yourself vent. Vulnerability is not a sign of weakness, so let them, who really care for you, pick you up, cry a little.

Having him in-between your thighs isn’t going to change anything. So leave. Go somewhere, go anywhere, but leave. Let it hurt, let your heart feel bruised and bloodied in your chest. You are enough, you are enough, you are enough.  Tell yourself that until you believe it. 

You’ll  learn how to accept the scars, the half-moons beneath your eyes, the acne. Accept the sadness, the anger, the excruciating pain.

Own your birthright for your unique form of greatness that we of the world demand from you.

You deserve to remember your highness. To know the privileges of your royal and finest self. And as you make the leap from your current life to the life that longs for you to know to it, I will watch your star blaze.

And I will applaud your bravery.


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