A letter to Santa

Dearest Santa,

Hope you are in the pink of your health. I know I’m writing to you after so long, it surely must be a surprise to you. Among the gazillions letters that you get, if you happen to read this, I’d be delighted.

The reason I didn’t write to you earlier, is mostly because, I don’t think I believe in you, or the concept they sell on your name. Sure you’re the happy old man, dressed in white and red, whose got a pretty cool sleigh and Rudolf, as your nine reindeer.

To be honest, as much as all those things appealed to me earlier, regardless of how envious I was of you and awed by your christmas magic, with which you made all your reindeers fly, and enter and exit houses through chimneys or live at the North Pole, now that I look back, I’m not that into you Santa.

Your laughter doesn’t make me jump with excitement, like it used to. Mostly because, society and circumstances taught me to become independent and life made me resilient. As success taught me the value of hard work, failure taught me to persevere. Today, I hold my happiness in my hands and don’t let a significant other to hinder it. Today, I don’t let anything smother my conviction. I try hard to believe in myself. I try even harder to embrace my weaknesses. I refrain from perceiving my vulnerability as a sign of weakness.

When I sit down and reminisce, I see myself not just as a changed but an evolved person. I feel proud of who I am, because I realise how much effort I’ve put on myself to become what I am today. I’m not a Grinch, I enjoy the holiday season and the joy that comes with it. Yet, I refuse to make you, Dear Santa, the reason of my happiness and joy. Not even for 1 in 365 days of my year. Because it gives me immense pleasure to treat myself, to lay back for a while and smell the flowers. To just enjoy a well deserved break. To spend quality time with the people I’ve loved, yet ignored the most. To just sip coffee and gaze outside as the sun sets. These, among other things, makes me content.

I hope, the little kids keep you busy this year and the next. As for me, I’ve learnt, that it’s only me who creates and destructs scenarios in my life, that have the potential to keep me ambitious, strong and witty.

You have one less kid in your list, Dear Santa. Wish you a very Merry Christmas, one last time.

Much Love,




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