Fire down in my Soul

While working on her project on Environmental Studies, my ten-year-old little sister asked what the word ‘toxic’ meant.

I looked up, and paused before I could answer.

“It’s something harmful. Poisonous. Undesirable”, I said.

It amazes me how today, things don’t seem as toxic to me as people do.

I started to read her book with her and read the explanation on why toxic waste had to be dumped else it can have harmful affects. Ever thought a book from the 5th grade could teach you so much about life?

Ever realised how this toxicity that stems from people very slowly grasps your being and rubs off on you too?

It is known, that overflowing garbage causes air pollution, in turn causing respiratory diseases. It affects the animals that thrive on this garbage. Overflowing waste hence is a deadly problem. Which is why dumping waste from your house or industry isn’t enough. It needs to be treated before its thrown away. A very crucial detail we all seem to forget.

So if you’re wondering what you do that attracts such people in your life, people that make you feel empty from inside, who make you fight everyone around you, that make you want to scream so loud that you’re scared your heart would travel to your mouth.

They make you yell at the moon for giving out too much light, who make you want to skip every alarm on your phone because you’d rather lay on your back like a dead body than go out and see them. You must know that all the toxins in your head, and all the toxicity in your life needs to be dumped and you’ve got to make sure you treat it before you do so. You might have become aware of its wastefulness but you may not be resistant to it yet.

The sand in your hourglass slips scarily fast, so I hope you find the courage to pick up the bow soon, despite your shaking hands.

 So as you look up in the sky, asking someone up there to save you, do you ever wonder if he is the one who really needs saving? How then, can you look up at the unknown and wish for things instead of looking at yourself in the mirror and asking yourself to save you?


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