Medicinal Affection

Last night we lived similar lives.

You cleaned your place and yourself, dusted off your sofa set, broomed away the spider webs.

I spent the night on hospital beds.


While you fought with darkness last night, my fight was of a slightly different kind.

The excessive CO2 in my lungs truly took my breath away,

Honey, why else do you think I couldn’t taste your tongue yesterday?

I saw you smiling so brightly, my heart skipped a beat.

The nurse looked at my smiling face, staring at yours, as she straightened the sheet

They put me in Intensive care, the unit that almost always brings despair.

As I peed in a bag, with 4 different tubes connected to me, funny how my phone was the only thing that kept me from reaching a suicidal degree.

In it, I saw creativity, beautiful saris and rangolis.

Yet watching you in your fresh Lenin kurta, did things to me.

I went in for a non-invasive method to ventilate my insides.

It prevented intubation and I now know exactly where in my heart you reside.

You’re protected by the epicardium at the right ventricle of my heart,

It stays the same no matter how many times you decide to depart.

For all the weak organs I have, I do possess a particularly strong rib cage,

It consistently fights and keeps inside a nervous internal rage,

and it holds you in no matter what the debate.


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