You see,
There’s something about hospitals,
The white and green sheets
The smell of disinfectant
strong enough to intoxicate you into believing you’ll live.

The consistent beeping of the monitors,
Each beep like a door knock to hell
If you stay there long enough,
The door might just open for you.

The air conditioning at the right temperature, but not exactly,
so you don’t get too comfortable.
The monotonous gaze of the cleaning lady, unwelcoming.
She’s never pleased to see anyone new.

The hollow silence of the night,
like that of an empty soul crying its heart out.
The off white walls, the color of resentment towards the world

The rude and unkind gaze of the nurse,
Wanting you to leave.
You see,
you aren’t appropriated there,
they don’t wish you have a wonderful stay.

If you notice,
They paint the insides of hospitals a monotonous shade
Hoping your longing for a peak into the skies
Would speed up your recovery.
They grow beautiful flowers right outside
Wishing the sight of it would light you up from inside. It’s like they know medicines can’t treat your melancholy.

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