Medicinal Affection

Last night we lived similar lives. You cleaned your place and yourself, dusted off your sofa set, broomed away the spider webs. I spent the night on hospital beds.   While you fought with darkness last night, my fight was of a slightly different kind. The excessive CO2 in my lungs truly took my breath […]

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In the house next door

Stop hiding behind closed doors to trick me into believing that you’re okay. Stop telling me that you’re going to make it on your own because you don’t need to. This suffocation doesn’t seem to end and I really wish to breathe, more importantly, I wish to see you breathe too. I know I am […]

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What Webster Said

Being with you is like picking up a Dictionary. You’re full of words and meaning, yet so disconnected. I, the writer, chose to arrange your words in a rhythmic, euphonious manner. Webster said, the more experienced and skillful the writer, the pleasant the sound he produces when he reads his write-up aloud. I knew I had […]

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Fire down in my Soul

While working on her project on Environmental Studies, my ten-year-old little sister asked what the word ‘toxic’ meant. I looked up, and paused before I could answer. “It’s something harmful. Poisonous. Undesirable”, I said. It amazes me how today, things don’t seem as toxic to me as people do. I started to read her book […]

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We do not perish

I don’t cry when you scream at me anymore. I have started to find pleasure in seeing you crib in the kitchen. Every time you yelled at me when I was a little kid for every little thing, it broke my heart a little, every time. I hid in the kitchen and cried. And then […]

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What makes us want to write?

We read because its fulfils the need of quality content in our life. It helps us quench our thirst for information that we love to gather and discuss. Who doesn’t love to indulge in an unputdownable novel that takes you away from this rotten play of reality. Because sometimes the life of a protagonist seems […]

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