“I am too independent, to be dependant on you” , she said and hung up. She didn’t know what else to say that could convince him.  She prayed that she won’t be as weak anymore. She wiped that tear, and went back to her patient. She assured herself that she could handle it. She was […]

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A letter to Santa

Dearest Santa, Hope you are in the pink of your health. I know I’m writing to you after so long, it surely must be a surprise to you. Among the gazillions letters that you get, if you happen to read this, I’d be delighted. The reason I didn’t write to you earlier, is mostly because, […]

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When I was 8, to inculcate the habit of not wasting food, our teacher used to check our tiffin boxes after lunch. Whoever hadn’t finished their lunch were asked to meet the Vice-Principal outside class while the rest of the class continued with the regular schedule (proverbially, timetable). I never knew what it was that […]

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Applauding your bravery

You are royalty. The hardships of life may have hypnotised you into forgetfulness of your greatness. The pain of your dreams gone bad may have shuttered your passion and smothered your conviction. You’ve lost it all. Or rather, you’ve given it all up. But it was all done by choice. You’ve done it because you […]

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